VOLO Set - Dracovinia

So cast your mind back to early November 2015. Remember that weird day in Melbourne weather wise (yes, weirder than normal). That day there was a tornado at the airport, flash flooding in the city, yet bright warm sunshine too? Yup, I was crazy enough to shoot that day, and lucky for me, the amazing Dracovinia was too!

I had planned this shoot a couple of weeks ahead of time, not knowing what the weather would do, sure enough on the actual day, rain... rain... more rain (even buying an umbrella on the way to location). Funnily enough, out at one of my favourite beaches - about half an hour from the CBD - sunshine. So much sunshine we were worried that we might get sunburned.

Shot in natural light, I absolutely love how these came up. Still some of my favourite photos I have taken. The open shade at this beach is absolutely beautiful, with nice bright sandy rocks to act as a reflector to fill in and soften the shadows. Once you get your eye in for natural light, there are so many great spots to shoot.

So one of my goals for the last couple of years is to have a set in the awesome VOLO Magazine. Art nude is definitely my favourite genre to photograph (there will be a future blog post about this), and VOLO is one of the bigger names. Lucky for me, this set has featured in their latest tattoo issue (2016 Art on Skin - Issue 38). It is such an honour to be featured along side the other amazing artists in this issue.

A MASSIVE thanks to Dracovinia for being so amazing. I was even lucky enough to have a birthday burger bought for me (yes, this was one of my annual birthday shoots). Thanks to VOLO also for featuring this set. It has been super hard not sharing the images from this shoot. 12 photos (some double page) and two profiles adding up to a total of 16 pages!  To see the whole set, go buy the issue!

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