What photographing artistic nudes means to me

Currently artistic nudes are my favourite genre to shoot, and a lot of people would say "you're a guy, you just like seeing boobs", and it's not that at all for me. So many people don't realise that when we're taking photos, we're not looking so much at that, it's more the pose, the angles, the composition, the light, etc. It's the last thing that crosses our minds as non pervy photographers. Yes, sometimes we have to think like those that will view our photographs, but it's a different thought process than what most non photographers think.

For me, an artistic nude shot to some degree is just another outfit, but it's more than that, it's the clean lines, curves, nothing getting in the way of seeing the true person underneath. For someone to pose naked in front of you is a huge leap of faith and a great honour. There is a certain amount of trust that has to be there, even if you have only met each other for the first time a few minutes earlier.

Now yes, while most of my art nude photos are black and white, which many believe to be almost a "cheat" to an artistic photograph, they don't necessarily have to be so, and I have seen some amazing colour works that B&W would actually detract from, so it's not a necessity of the genre (however it's an easy mindset to get stuck in). While I love B&W images, I love when a colour photograph is totally artistic. To me, it seems just that little bit more difficult to do (whereas it's the opposite in many other genres)

To me, one of the definitions of artistic nudes over say glamour nudes, is that it's something you could hang on the wall of your house, and not be embarrassed when visitors come over (including your mother). This is something I strive for in all of my artistic shots. It's not easy however, and sometimes you think something may look arty on the back of the camera, then bring it up on your screen, and yeah, it's not something you'd really want to show off. It's a fine line that needs to be walked. Not all nudes are art, and not all art is nude.

There is something special about seeing a photo in a physical form, and something as beautiful as a naked body (I tend to lean more towards females in this case, but not that the male body can't be beautiful) in a physical print can transcend the ages. Looking at older works of great photographers such as Helmut Newton, a lot of his shots would fit in today, a great goal to aim for.

And to tell you the truth, I'm not even sure what the point I'm making here is. I think it's just my thoughts written down in my corner of the internet for you my dedicated readers (who I appreciate every single one of) to look at me and nod their heads as they understand a little more of my thought process.

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