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Wow what a year. Over 100 photo shoots done this year, attending Melbourne Sexpo, amazing feedback from models, a book released, and oh yeah, a little award I won... Narrowing down my 10 favourite images from this year was tough. For starters, I didn't want to feature a model more than once, and so many happy emotions behind particular shoots that I had to look beyond. So many models and close friends of mine missed out here which I feel bad about, but ultimately, it comes down to the images, not my own feelings - it would be a very different list that way.

#11-#20 So close

Photos in no particular order:-

#10 Aeryn Walker
What can I say about Aeryn? Everyone who knows her knows that she's an amazing person. It was great to photograph her in a way that's not totally typical of the more explicit stuff she usually shoots. I know it sounds very cliche, but Aeryn really does have curves in the right places. The feedback from Aeryn (which will be kept confidential) was one of the best things I have heard after a shoot. She put into words exactly what I aim for.

#9 Dracovinia
This shot was a rare case of knowing exactly what I wanted before going into the shoot. I even knew the model I wanted to shoot it with. That said, I didn't know the location, I was shown it and assisted by the always amazing Ayla Skye. A lot of work went in to the post production of this. Funnily enough, the magic coming out of her hands was the easy part (done using particles in Blackmagic Fusion). The tricky bit was getting the blue glow in the correct spots. Very happy with how it turned out.

#8 Denisa Strakova
Denisa is one of those models that while she's doing her thing in front of the camera, your jaw drops open with her posing. By far the most dynamic model I have ever worked with. Her creativity makes my life as a photographer super easy. Such a great morning was had working with her, even if it was a little rushed due to life things.

#7 Venus Starr
My second shoot with the amazing Venus Starr, and wow, what a trooper! After getting up super early for a flight to Melbourne from NZ, picked her up from the airport and straight into it, shooting for the entire day (this shot was right on sunset). I actually came super close to picking another shot as my favourite from this shoot. It was a super close choice, with this one slightly edging out.

#6 Laura
Laura hadn't modeled before. After chatting to her for quite a while as she made my morning hot chocolate, I was saddened to hear she was leaving, but I knew she would be great in front of the camera. So a first for me, giving one of my business cards out saying "hey, have you considered modeling?" I'm glad she agreed to pose for me, and she did amazingly well despite the nerves of something totally new. As a bonus, she's back at the cafe I visit daily.

#5 Kellie
Once again, another shoot I could have picked a couple of photos from. This was shot at the same time we did the reshoot for my book. The shibari side of this came randomly as Kellie spied the pink rope on the floor of my studio, asking "hey, can we use that?". A quick pentagram harness later and we were in business! As a side note, I first worked with Kellie last year, and it has been absolutely amazing seeing her grow as a model, becoming more confident with her posing, and relaxing in front of the camera.

#4 Vicky Aisha
Ahhhh Vicky. What more can be said about her. An absolute stunner. If you can't get a good photograph of Vicky, put away your camera now. This one was quite recent, shot at one of Melbourne's rare nude beaches. I haven't shot many beach shoots this year, so it's always fun going back to my roots.

#3 Audrey
Audrey is one of those models that just keeps getting better and better with each shoot. More shibari work from me, and a rare clothed one. Originally I had planned on this being a colour image due to the way the pink rope stood out against the dark lingerie, but while editing, part of the process included adding a black and white overlay for a particular effect I was trying. I saw how it looked and said WOW.

#2 Nicole Vaunt
Nicole is one of bigger names in the art nude industry. I have been a fan of her work since I first started photography. When I heard she was coming out to Australia, I immediately messaged her and booked in a shoot. This particular shot I really struggled between colour and B&W. Nicole preferred the colour version, but to me, the B&W just edged out. I also have a very large print of this on the wall in my studio. Once again though, so many amazing photos from this shoot, I could have picked a number of them in this spot.

#1 Emmy-Lee
Emmy-Lee is a rare find. The sort of model that is absolutely amazing, but doesn't realise how amazing she is. This shot itself was a lighting style I had seen, but hadn't tried.  The pics I had seen didn't quite look the way I wanted for my own style, so I tweaked it up a little bit. This was one of the first shots with that style, and I was amazed with how it turned out. A combination of the light, and Emmy-Lee's posing really makes this shot worthy of being my favourite photo of the year. But yes, another shot from the same day could have easily ended up here. Another favourite, that I have both it, and this photo printed large waiting for me to find some hangers to put up in the studio.

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