Umbra - My First Book

So here we are, on the lead up to Christmas 2016, and after about 18 months of work, I have finally released my first book.

I have titled it Umbra which essentially means the main part of a shadow, not the transitional section (which is known as the Penumbra). I picked this name for two reasons. Firstly, I love the word, it sounds cool, but more importantly I picked it because the shadows on the wall behind the models are an important feature of the book. Being a very hard light, they lack much of a transitional area, hence... Umbra.

I have created two editions of the book.  Mainly due to it being so expensive.  Unfortunately I can't really control that, just the nature of a print on demand book.  So if you just want to see the whole book, pick up the standard edition which can be found at:-

However if you're looking for a coffee table style book, something that looks extra impressive when you pick it up, grab the deluxe edition, which has the same photos, but is a larger format, and hardcover.  You can pick this one up at:


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